Meet the Teachers

The Connecticut Daughters of Zion team has been teaching worship dance since 2007. Our DOZ group was inspired by the Island Christian Church DOZ team of Long Island, New York.


Our leadership team, or Core Group, was originally formed with seven teachers under the counsel and leadership of Mrs. Roberts. After a year of training and completing the DOZ CT teaching requirements, six new teachers joined the DOZ leadership team in 2014, followed by nine more teachers in 2017 and 2018.


We are honored to have each and every one of the DOZ leaders on our team - these ladies have proven themselves to be dedicated followers of Jesus Christ, and loving role models for the many girls they teach and lead.


Group Leader

Elayna is one of the original 7 core group members, and has been our best choreographer ever since the group started. She is the definition of sweet and compassionate, and always has a kind, encouraging word for everyone. She enjoys lyrical or interpretive dance, and teaches dance both with DOZ and at a local dance studio. 


Melody has been teaching DOZ since 2007, and especially enjoys working with the older girls and doing drama choreography.  She has the privilege of being married to Jeremy since 2019. Deep conversations, website design, performing, hiking, and laughter are some of her favorite things.


Anna has been involved with DOZ since an early age. She enjoys using all sorts of instruments while dancing - including tambourines, flags, streamers, fans, and finger scarves. She has really enjoyed teaching the younger girls, which is always full of fun surprises! Some of her interests include playing the violin and piano, and raising goats.


Siobhan has been involved with DOZ since 2014. She loves dancing with all instruments but especially tambourine and flags. Apart from dancing she enjoys playing violin, reading, writing letters, hiking and traveling whenever she gets the chance. Siobhan enjoyed teaching the older girls at DOZ camp 2018 and is excited to continue to teach in the future.


Leah is the 8th child out of 11 in her family and has loved DOZ ever since she started as a student in 2014. She loves lyrical and drama dances and her favorite instrument is flags. Outside of DOZ she enjoys piano, anything artsy, and traveling. She also enjoys people and building lasting friendships. She is so excited for the opportunity to serve and bless others through DOZ and to learn more about worshipping Christ through dance. 


Keara has been involved with DOZ since 2015.  She enjoys dancing with flags, but likes the other instruments as well.  At home Keara likes to bake, read, play her flute, and do different kinds of craft projects.  She enjoyed teaching DOZ Camp 2018 and hopes to return for the spring semester!


Eva is the youngest of 5 children and is 20 minutes younger than her twin sister.  She loves to cook, bake (when she has the chance), and ride horses - and her dad’s motorcycle!  Her favorite instruments are laurels, sticks, flags, and finger scarves.  She also likes to dance with no instruments.  Teaching the little girls is only one of the ways she loves to honor God.


Heidi is the 6th of 11 children and still remembers being the 2nd-youngest student at our very first DOZ Camp in 2009!  She has a compassionate personality that shines whether she is teaching the little girls at DOZ or caring for her 20 pet chickens.  She loves anything outdoors, especially gardening and caring for animals, and playing piano.


Alyssa started DOZ when she was 6 years old.  Apart from DOZ, she dances at a local dance studio.  She likes to run, do hair, makeup, DIY (Do It Yourself), and anything crafty!  Her favorite instruments are fan streamers, finger scarves, and anything with dance.  She is the 6th out of 10 children and is excited to see what the future brings!


Mary has been involved in DOZ since our group began. She is one of the more serious members of the Core Group, and is always good at keeping us on track so we get things done! She enjoys flags, although she is proficient in all of the DOZ instruments. She enjoys reading mystery books and having deep theological debates.


Marcella has been a part of DOZ since 2012, and is always an encouragement to be around and talk to.  She is the 3rd of nine kids, and her favorite instruments are flags and sticks.  Some of the many activities Marcella enjoys are playing piano, knitting, playing Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball, and doing all sorts of art and crafts.