About the Daughters of Zion

The Daughters of Zion is a Christian dance group composed of young ladies who aim to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ through dance.


The Esthers

Our main group of students includes girls in Kindergarten-12th grade, called the Esthers.


Q. Why is this group called the “Esthers”?
A. In the Biblical book of Esther, the young Jewish girl Esther went through 12 months of preparation, humbly following the commands given to her and taking the wise advice that the king’s eunuch offered her. Her preparation eventually allowed her to win the heart of the king and be elevated to the position of queen.
As queen, Esther spent three days in fasting and prayer, preparing before she went to petition the king for the lives of her people - knowing that doing so could have resulted in her death.

Similarly, the ministry of the DOZ Esthers group is to prepare young women through the classes they attend and their growth in worship to be ready to lead the people around them - being an example to others through their pure, devoted obedience to God. In time, their preparation may also allow them to be elevated to the position of a teacher, helping prepare other young women after them to serve the Lord.


Our dedicated team of teachers choreograph, teach, and lead during ministry throughout the year.



DOZ is based in north-central Connecticut. We are not affiliated with any one church, but have several locations where we teach throughout the school year. Check out our Programs to find out if we are offering something near you!


DOZ Camp

The Daughters of Zion have hosted an annual week-long day camp, or DOZ Camp, toward the end of every summer since 2009, with increasing attendance every year! Our past camp themes have been:

  1. 2009 - Joy
  2. 2010 - Light
  3. 2011 - Glory
  4. 2012 - Worship
  5. 2013 - Trust
  6. 2014 - Hope
  7. 2015 - Courage
  8. 2016 - Ablaze 
  9. 2017 - Peace
  10. 2018 - Prayer
  11. 2019 - Freedom
  12. 2021 - Love
  13. 2022 - Grace


Ministry Opportunities

Leading worship at churches and other events is a significant part of the DOZ ministry. Some of the gatherings where we have danced in the past include:

  • Local churches
  • Nursing homes & Assisted living facilities
  • Christian Conferences
  • Revival services
  • David’s Tent DC 


If your church or ministry would like to invite the DOZ group to dance at a Sunday service or other event, please contact us! We are always excited about new opportunities for using dance to worship Jesus.